A good solution, with a sustainable character

AKOpanel supplies high-quality acoustic panels, with a sustainable character. Our aim is to provide a solution for acoustic problems in any type of room. For this reason we supply both unprocessed panels for interior design and ready-made products for office interior. We always carefully consider what our customers’ demand and provide custom work where desired.

For this, we work with a selected dealer network. They know the product like no other and ensure, together with you, the ideal solution for your room: stylish, sustainable, and exactly as you expect.

How one product ensures multiple solutions

Approx 40 to 70 PET bottles get a new life per square meter of PET panel . This is what makes our products so unique. In addition to the panels providing a stylish solution and meeting all your demands, they also allow plastic to find a new destination. Your choice for AKOpanel not only serves as a practical solution to your problem, but it also contributes to solving an increasingly widespread problem for us all. This is why we believe AKOpanel is the ideal solution for your gym, auditorium, office, or any other space.

There are currently around 3,000,000 PET bottles in our storage, which are all processed into our acoustic panels. We are so proud of this initiative.

Acoustic panels as design

With our large stock and wide range of colours and sizes, we are a unique player in the market. In addition, we can process and realise drawings and designs thanks to our own CNC cutting machine. This provides plenty of creative possibilities for the panels. Many companies have already incorporated our panels in their offices and other buildings. Will you follow?

Want to read more about these examples? Please take a look at ourĀ projects.