PETpanel 25 mm

Technical specifications

  • Not only are our acoustic panels the ideal solution for your building’s acoustics, they are also a stylish and conscious choice.
    This is because PETpanel is a sustainable product made from 60% recycled PET bottles plus 40% virgin PET.

  • PETpanel has been tested for fire safety in Peutz’s laboratory.
    You can request the result from us.

  • Our panels significantly improve acoustics, this has been tested based on the NRC Values.
    This stands for Noise Reduction Coefficient.
    The NRC value shows how our panels score on sound absorption, the higher the value, the better.

  • Our panels have a standard size of 1220 mm by 2440 mm.
    We also have the unique option of making custom panels in consultation.

  • PETpanel is very easy to process due to its light weight.
    This makes the panels manageable and a popular product in interior construction.

    Weight: 3,0 kg/m2

    Tolerance: +/- 1,5 mm

    Density: 120 kg/m3

  • PETpanel is easy to cut to size. For small adjustments, this can be done simply with a Stanley knife, but it can also be cut with a CNC cutter.
    With our own CNC-cutting machineS, we supply custom-made products for architects and interior builders, for example. It is possible to supply your own design.

  • PETpanel can also be used as a bulletin board in, for example, schools and office buildings.
    It improves acoustics and can also be used for everyday activities.

A good solution, with a sustainable nature

Projects with PETpanel 25 mm

Theatre ‘de Stoomfabriek’

Sound is an important element in theatres. In theatre de Stoomfabriek in Dalfsen, thanks to our panels the acoustics are...

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Morrenhof Jansen

Instruction room In a good room, the acoustic properties are adjusted to the function of the room. In instruction rooms...

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